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The House on Artisan

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The "Before" Home Tour

If you haven't guessed it yet we bought a new home! Among all the other crazy things that have been going on the past few months this is by far our most exciting thing. We've gotten our things moved in and I'm eager for projects. My husband may want me to slow down a little. This house was definitely move-in-ready. It doesn't necessarily "need" any remodeling, but what fun would leaving it alone be?

I am going to give you all a tour. These are the photos taken before we moved in. This place looks totally different (maybe a little bare) right now, but we will eventually get around to making it our own.

Welcome into the Laws' home! Our tour begins in the foyer. This home is decked out in trim.

From the basics like baseboards and casing to detailed crown and columns. I am a little more modern at heart, so the amount of heavy trim in this home was a lot for me.

My husband absolutely

loves all the trim detail.

Maybe I'll let him keep it....

This space is technically a formal dining room, but just like the previous owners I won't be using it as one.

Ideal for some, a formal dining for us would be a little impractical. I'm not going to tell you what it will be, I should probably leave some surprises. I will say that light has got to go!

I love the tall ceilings in this living room. I hear some gigantic draperies calling my name. I haven't decided if I will keep the trim detail between the top and bottom set of windows just yet. I'll definitely have to think on that. The layout of this room is a little awkward so I'm hoping we can do some remodeling at some point. I've got to get Tyler on board and he's a little hesitant.

There will for sure be some remodeling going on in this kitchen. To what extent? I'm not sure, but at least new floors and countertops at some point!

The lighting is an obvious got-to-go for my taste. Out with the traditional and in with the... Well I'm not sure what aesthetic I want just yet, but in with the personalization!

Okay since I've shown you the main areas of the house I guess I should stop there. I want to leave some surprises! Our big/future goals for the house are new flooring, new countertops, and hopefully some built-ins if I can convince you know who. Tyler likes to think he is the designer sometimes, I guess I can't blame him it is his house too. I do want to show you my favorite things about this house before I let you go!

First these glass door knobs! I'm a sucker for glass and lucite. I'd probably live in a glass house if privacy wasn't a thing.

I also adore this tree! Tyler says we have to remove it because of issues with roots and the foundation... Someone please tell me it will be fine so I can keep this tree.

I've already mentioned my tall ceilings, but I'll say

it again (or maybe I'll shout it from the upstairs balcony). I LOVE my tall ceilings! Beautiful drapery I'm ready for you, let's dress these tall walls.

The french entry doors. I mean who doesn't love a beautiful pair of french doors? The natural light from them is just amazing! Do you see my little friend peaking from the window?

My final and favorite thing, is our wrap around porch! I know it's not huge, but ya'll its a mini wrap around porch. I adore it. I can't wait

to furnish/accessorize it.

Okay, I've kept you long enough. You will definitely be seeing our home again. For now just enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening wine. You can also subscribe on the website to be updated on blog posts and new launches coming soon! Ya'll come back and visit again!

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