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The House on Artisan: ORC the Artist's Garden Reveal Week

Spring 2021

Reveal week is here! It's been super insane getting everything finished this week, but it's complete! I am so excited to show off this outdoor project so let's dive in!

Before: We need to refresh our memories of before! We had large chunky hedges, traditional lighting, and hardly any furniture. It was dull, unbalanced, and needed a refresh!

After: Welcome to the artist's garden! Our new plants need time to grow, but we are in love! Let's take a closer look!

We removed all of those hedges and scaled down! The topiary trees add a modern European look, while smaller boxwoods fill the space under the windows. Solar lights brighten the walkway at night.

Once you walk down the sidewalk, you are greeted by an inviting space. I added stools in each corner to create balance and extra seating. Take a seat at the café table to eat lunch, have a drink, or enjoy the view. The added umbrella keeps the sun at bay, while the rug below anchors the furniture.

Small lavender trees frame the steps and added solar lanterns light the way at night. Curtains frame the porch and add privacy when needed.

Walk up the steps to modern retreat. Modern sconces frame the door and add a sculptural look to the-space. White Adirondack chairs invite you to take a seat. Play your guitar, read your book, or enjoy the summer days. A large rug adds softness and allows you to kick off your shoes, but let's be honest, we are in Kentucky what are shoes? This unique rug features a black and white base with bright colors and fringed ends.

The Stix sconces by Elk feature a light wood look paired with seeded glass shades. The light wood finish coordinates with out light wood café pieces. Their sculptural look resembles floral stems or torches, depending on how you view them.

Would it really be an artist's garden without an easel and canvas? Step outside and paint away!

The black easel pulls our color theme over. It's a beautiful, functional, décor piece to be enjoyed!

Welcome to the nook. Our curtains frame the space creating a serene atmosphere. One large rug would have created a more linear look to this space and didn't fit very well. To solve this, I have layered my rugs. The rugs add softness, reducing the harsh look of the concrete. Layered tables add dimension and are easily moved. Work on your laptop, write, or lounge in the stunning love seat. Need room for more? The woven pouf adds extra seating and a natural texture.

Have you pinpointed my DIY project yet? Let's take a closer look at the accessories while you take a guess!

Remember the living art piece?! Well, here it is! He needs a little time to fill out, but this beautiful piece is also functional. Packed with herbs it smells amazing and will be great for when we need a little spice in our life!

Lastly, drum roll, please...