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The House on Artisan: ORC the Artist's Garden Week 7

Spring 2021

Week 7 has come to an end and we are rolling into our final week! A lot was accomplished this week and we are just finalizing some smaller things! Let's take a look at what was completed!

The living art is finally complete! Unfortunately, I had to scale it down, but I think it'll still look great hanging up! I decided I wanted it to be functional so I used herbs! It smells amazing! It needs some time to fill out, but I think in a few weeks it will look beautiful!

I used wood boards and a plywood frame to construct the frame, plastic to control water flow, soil to plant, garden fabric, and chicken wire to hold the plants inside! Screws and nails are holding everything together!

I cut down wood boards to fit the 24" x 40" plywood back. Once I had everything cut to size I nailed them to the plywood to create the frame. I laid plastic into the frame and let the plastic hang over the sides. Once the plastic was down I added garden fabric, again allowing it to hang over the sides of the frame. Once the fabric was down, I added soil and compacted it down into the frame. I wrapped the visible soil with the excess fabric to hold everything together. I stretched chicken wire across the top of the frame, using nails to hold it in place. Lastly, I added a face frame by screwing down four more boards to the side frame. I let the frame sit for about a week allowing the soil to settle.

When the soil settled I added my plants by cutting holes in the garden fabric between the chicken wire. I dug out small portions of soil to allow the room needed for the plants and packed those down into the frame. Once everything was planted I watered everything! I am letting the frame lay on the porch until later next week!

Also, the landscaping is done! We added solar lights, topiary trees, boxwood bushes, LOTS of lavender, and a few other plants! I can't wait for everything to fill out! The lavender will be beautiful once it starts blooming! I am so grateful that all of the planting projects are over with. They were a major part of this project. Everything else will come together later this week!

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I also want to invite you to check out other participants in the ORC! Click the logo below to be taken to the One Room Challenge official site.

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