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Room Refresh: Texas Glamour

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This beautiful bedroom was refreshed for one of my younger clients. Her furniture layout was crowding the space and the room lacked in aesthetics. Using a few of her key pieces I redesigned the furniture layout to maximize her space and then refreshed with accessories, bedding, smaller furnishings, and wall decor.

I am calling this space Texas Glamour! Her style leaned towards a modern rustic approach, but she also loved touches of glamour. I decided on a pink color palette, offset with whites and contrasted with blacks. I started by painting her room a light blush color which gave her a colorful, yet lovely, look.

Our accessories started with a beautiful cowhide rug to give her carpet a sense of depth and a beautiful, smooth, texture.

An acrylic chair with a vintage vibe was the perfect glamorous touch.

I created an area that was perfect for getting ready in the mornings. Adding a floor length mirror, which coordinated with her existing furnishings, was perfect for checking outfits. The acrylic chair mentioned before was a perfect drop zone and a place to put on shoes. She also had an adorable hat that coordinated with the cowhide!

I brought our color palette from the walls to the bed! To contrast our pink walls and to brighten up the space. I added three extra large pillows that had some beautiful black stripes against the headboard. She already had some adorable pink pillows with tassel pompoms. I used those and a pink floral blanket to draw the pink through the bed. I then added one last white and black pillow that incorporated a single black stripe with an embroidered texture.

Her walls were calling for artwork. I added a black and white bull to the right wall (pictured above) and I found this adorable cactus to add above her nightstand.

On her nightstand I added a beautiful glass lamp, small plant, and cactus sculpture to give it a more completed look. Since she only had one nightstand I balanced it out by adding a tall fiddle leaf to the left side of the bed (pictured above).

Lastly I decorated the dresser. I gave the dresser a more asymmetrical look by hanging a round mirror to the left and allowing a canvas to sit on the right. Beautiful candle sticks incorporate the acrylic and an adorable white cactus brightens the left side.

I absolutely adore this refresh. This space turned out so adorable and I had so much fun with this smaller project. If you loved this room refresh see below for my "Shop The Look" or if you are in need of design services please use the contact page to tell me about your project!

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