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Easter Inspiration

It's the Saturday before Easter! But... instead of planning out our big Easter lunch, with extended family, we are social distancing. Usually there would be planning Easter outfits, fixing a dish for tomorrows lunch, and of course we would have some "emergency" shopping trip for something we forgot. It's a little strange. With the holiday coming up (and maybe just to feel a little more normal) I created an Easter room inspiration and wanted to show you all some of my favorite Easter DIYs. So with that let's get in the Easter spirit!

Before I get into the DIYs I wanted to kickstart our Easter mood with a inspiration board!

This inspiration board was so much fun. I came across this adorable bunny themed wallpaper and it completely inspired me. It has so much color and character! I've gone a little more eclectic, but this aesthetic leans more towards a refined country feel, with a little bohemian sprinkled in.

I pulled creams into the inspiration since the wallpaper has such a dark background. An upholstered bed brings a softness to the room while distressed lamps, fringe mirrors, and embroidered pillows bring in a beautiful combination of textures. The grey nightstand and dresser have a beautiful cream outline and bring in another neutral/soft color.

The mirror, candle sticks, and lighting are a distressed silver. Although they have distressing, they bring in a refined and bright feeling. Soft pinks and blues in the textiles add color to the floor and the bedding. I played with both organic and geometric shapes in this space to bring in an abstract feeling to the room.

I hope this inspiration board kickstarted your Easter spirit! Now let's get into the DIYs!

DIY #1: Paper Wrapped Books

This is such an easy DIY! Here is what you need:

1. A book

2. A paper shopping bag or a newspaper

3. Marker

4. Paint (optional)

5. Twine or any other ribbon/string (optional)

6. A floral stem (optional)

To wrap books I follow this youtube video. I didn't get the chance to film myself, but I think he will explain it best!

Once you've wrapped the book decorate how you want!

My Steps:

1. Paint the spine - I used some left over paint and gently painted the spine. Use light brush strokes and a thin layer of paint, allow the paint dry in between coats. You don't want the paint to bleed through onto your book so make sure not to over-do-it!

2. Write whatever - I used a thin black marker to write on the spine and the top book to make them more "Easter themed".

3. Wrap with twine - I actually used the handles from my shopping bags to create a "wrapped twine look".

4. Floral topping - Lastly I just added a cute floral stem!

This DIY is so easy and so versatile. You can do so much (or even very little) to create different looks. Have fun! Be creative! Make it your own!

DIY #2: Egg Shell Candles

Here is what you need:

1. 3 egg shells (or however many you want)

2. An old candle (or even just some wax melts)

3. Candle wick/s

4. Paper bowl

5. Plastic cup

6. Tissues

7. Plastic Spoon (or anything you can use to wrap your wick/s around)

8. Scissors

9. Paint or whatever coloring you want to use (optional)

My steps:

1. Crack your eggs - I made sure to crack my eggs closer to the top of the egg to give as much room as possible for the wax. If there are any cracks down the middle of the egg shell its not usable. The wax will seep right through. This may take some trial and error.

2. Make sure your shells are clean - After cracking your eggs, taking the egg white, and yolk out, you'll want to gently wash out your egg shell. There may even be a little air cell left in the egg, you will want to use your finger and lightly pull this out. Once you've cleaned it out let it air dry.

3. Cut your plastic cup - I used plastic cups and cut triangles out of the sides of them (I'll post an example picture below the next step). Once your sides are cut wrap a tissue lightly around your egg and add your egg shell to the cup. Place the plastic spoon (or another thin object in the cuts you made to the cup).

4. Add your wick - Next you'll want to add your wick to the egg shell, this is where our plastic spoon comes in. You'll wrap the wick to the spoon to keep it standing straight up when we pour the wax.

5. Melt your wax - I chopped up an old candle (and I actually used the wick from that candle for the prior step), added the hard wax to a paper bowl, and microwaved it until it melted. I personally didn't want to clean up any left over wax from inside a real bowl, so thats why I prefer a paper one.

6. Add the wax to your shell - When removing your wax from the microwave its going to be super hot. Make sure you are grabbing the bowl in a place that won't burn your fingers or use something to protect your hands. Your wax will start to solidify pretty quickly so you don't want to take too long waiting for it too cool off, but go with your gut! Carefully pour your wax into your egg shell/s and allow it to dry.

7. Decorate - If you don't want to decorate (or you've already dyed your eggs) then you're done, otherwise decorate however you want! I used some left over paint and made different designs on each egg.

8. Style - Style them how you please! I didn't mind that mine were't standing up perfectly straight, but if you do you could use a glue gun (or whatever your creative mind thinks of) to create a foot on the bottom of the egg!

****Since these are egg shells I wouldn't recommend actually burning them.*****

They wouldn't take long to burn down and could be a potential fire hazard so keep them purely decorative pieces!

These egg shell candles are so adorable. Place them in bookshelves, on trays, or even create a table scape on your Easter dining table!

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter DIYs! I had fun with them and I hope you do too!

Show me your Easter DIYs by sending them to me on instagram or through email! I'd love to see what you do different and/or how yours turn out!


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