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Product Full Price: $500

Deposit Required: $150

Delivery within 1 hour to Buckner, KY: $75

*See payment section for instructions

Kitchen Counterstool

  • 1 Counter Stool: 22"W x 22"D x 36.5"H

    Seat Dimension: 18"W x 17"D x 26.5"H

    Seat Cushion Thickness: 5"

    Arms Size: 18"W x 25.25"H

    Footrest to Floor Height: 7.5"

    Front Leg Size( Upper): Dia. 1.65"

    Front Leg Size(Bottom): Dia. 1.18"

    Front Leg Height: 21.75"

    Back Leg Size( Upper): Dia. 1.65"

    Back Leg Size(Bottom): Dia. 1.18"

    Back Leg Height: 21.75"

    Back Rest Size: 21.25"W x 10.5"H

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