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The House on Artisan: ORC the Artist's Garden

Spring 2021

The One Room Challenge is back! We participated in the fall 2020 challenge by re-modeling our powder bath. It definitely didn’t go to plan… But we learned a lot and are back for round 2!

To give a little background, the One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual event that gives designers and design influencers a chance to complete one room and share the process with others.

This go around we are taking a less traditional approach to the ORC. With summer around the corner, we were thinking that the front of our home needs to be finished. There are some more long-term goals with the exterior of the house, but for now, I want this space ready to entertain! So now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s take a look at everything!

Our current landscaping is basically hedges interrupted by smaller plants. The front side of the garage is framed in two different types of boxwoods. The larger boxwood plants are overgrown. They are pretty much all wood, other than a thin coat of leaves on top, so trimming them down isn't really an option. The smaller boxwood plants are just in an odd spot? It seems like the initial idea was to create a hedge, but it was broken in the center. We are planning on ripping out all of the current landscaping and starting over! I'd also like to add solar lighting to the walkway to illuminate the path!

As you walk closer to the front porch there is a little patio-like area. It is, again, framed in boxwood, but the shrubs have been disconnected in the center. The tree in the center is dead and is a definite must go! The boxwood here is the same as what's around the garage, so again trimming isn't really optional. So, as I said before, we are ripping out the landscaping and starting over! We are going to mix smaller boxwood shrubs, a few topiary trees, and LOTS of lavender!

I am also planning on adding a table, umbrella, and some chairs to the patio. These items will make it more inviting and functional.

The front porch is framed in holly shrubs. The fact that boxwood frames everything except this area drives me nuts! On the right side in the little alcove there is a beautiful little magnolia tree. I adore this tree so it's the only thing that is actually staying in the landscape!

The front porch itself doesn’t have any major issues, other than it needs some more character!

I will be replacing the traditional wall lighting with modern statement fixtures. We are keeping the chairs, but sprucing up the porch with some rugs and accessories.

The porch actually wraps around to the left of the house. I'd like to make this wrapped area more cozy and functional. I will, hopefully, be adding a DIY swing, DIY living art, and a few other things to create a small sitting space back there! The last few things I need to do are add curtains for privacy and pot some plants!

The final result will mimic a french garden scape with eclectic accents and a relaxing entertainment space worthy of being called The Artist's Garden! I’m super excited to get this project completed! So let’s get started!! Good luck to the other designers and a happy starting week on the ORC!!

Make sure you follow along by keeping up with the blog and following my Instagram page @jlinteriorsllc . You can subscribe to my blog post by scrolling to the bottom of the screen on the home page ( and typing your email into the "email" box.

I also want to invite you to check out other participants in the ORC! Click the logo below to be taken to the One Room Challenge official site.

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