The House on Artisan: ORC Powder Bath

Fall 2020

It's been way too long, but this powder bath is finally finished! The design did make a major shift from the original concept. A lot of things created the shift, but I could not be happier. I'm so excited to reveal this small remodel, so let's dive in.

I want to start with the phases that my concepts went through. I'm not going to lie, I can be pretty "boujee" (is that how it's spelled), while Tyler usually brings me back down to reality. Having champagne taste on a beer budget was my first issue.

My first concept started black and white with mixed metals. The concept revolved around some stunning tile, which I had a hard time finding in my budget. I found some beautiful tiles, but I didn't fall in love and I didn't want something "basic".

The concept changed slightly, adding warmer tones, a tile selection that was a little more within budget, and overall became a softer look. I had gotten pretty far with this concept, but it still felt like it was missing something. I decided the chandelier from my second concept was a better option for another space, and I started over.

The last concept combined features from the first two and added color. I kept the marble inspiration and my black/white concept. I did change my metallics from a mixed look to full chrome, and I added a bold pattern to my walls. I fell in love with this concept and ran with it.

BEFORE: In case you haven't seen the before photos, here they are. The floor was damaged from multiple leaks (one we did not know about), and the space was boring. I probably could have gotten away with some minor fixes, but go big or go home! Right?

AFTER: Talk about change! We went from boring to bold! I added bold patterns, colors, metallics, and decor.

There are a few places you may look when you first walk in. I'm going to start with the drapes. Wanna know a secret? They are DIY! Maybe I'll make another blog about DIY drapes if you all are interested? There's absolutely no way you can miss these floor to ceiling drapes.

I knew this space was going to be bold and intense. Drapery was a way to soften that intensity. I used my color scheme to create drapery that would coordinate with everything in the room.

The pompoms mimic the shades on the chandelier, color blocking incorporates the black moldings, and the subtle metallic threading in the fringe coordinates with the mirror. The drapery pulls the entire room together.

Never underestimate statement lighting. The chrome base adds shine and contrast beautifully with the milk-glass shades. I also chose a larger fixture to create a heavy impact on the space.

I wanted to use black and white in a unique way. I originally wanted to paint the entire room black, but that freaked my husband out a little bit. He was still panicking a little when he saw me painting the trim, but hey, I compromised!