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The House on Artisan: ORC Week 2

Fall 2020

It's better late than never right? This past week has honestly been a rough week for me. Right before last weeks post I was so sure of what I wanted for this project. I was excited and ready to move forward, but life happened. One thing in my plan just wasn't going to work. It sounds silly, but it made my mindset spiral. I felt defeated, un-motivated, and just depressed. It was like a final straw. 2020 has been rough, my whole plan was thrown off, and sometimes you just get sad.

I felt stupid for feeling so upset about something that is not a major issue in life to have. The mental block was driving me into a depressive state. I can usually whip a design out of thin air pretty quickly. This week I just stared at the computer screen. A blank screen and design materials. I had all these resources and beautiful things I could use, but everything seemed to just look the same. Nothing seemed to work and I just couldn't process. Something that usually comes so naturally to me all the sudden felt like something I had never done before.

I think this happens to creative people though, I've realize I am not the first creative mind to feel this way. I think creative minds feel emotion very deeply and once that last nerve is hit it causes us to spiral. I also know this is a sign of not taking care of yourself, not sleeping, not taking a breather, and a whole list of other things. My husband and father in-law decided we would go on a hike this weekend. It was stunning. It was so refreshing and it was exactly what my mind needed.

I wanted to talk about this because I'm sure there are others who feel/have felt/will feel just how I felt. So if you are going through it (or if you do in the future) keep fighting your way out. Don't give up on yourself. Take a hike or a spa day (even if it's a face mask, netflix, and bubble bath at home), whatever helps clear your mind. Your brain is just asking for a break!

The past few days the right side of my brain has been on over drive. It honestly felt like my creativity had been bottled up and was exploding. I knocked out a large client project and finally took back the vision for my own. I feel satisfied with my vision for this project now. Maybe even more than before, so let's talk about it.

Let's start from the floor and work our way to the ceiling! I've ordered a sample of this beautiful marble look tile. Hopefully it will come in early next week! I love the warm variations and I've decided to mix golds and silvers in this bathroom.

I feel like this tile can be versatile. If I ever want to change the paint or another small feature it will be easy to work with.

I am not going to tell you how I'm going to lay it yet. I'll let that be a surprise!

I absolutely LOVE lucite, acrylic, and glass items. This beautiful acrylic toilet paper holder from CB2 will look stunning with the mixed metals. It also coordinates with my current wall mirror which makes it an A+ in my book.

I wanted a toilet that would coordinate with my current pedestal sink. This Kohler toilet will work perfectly. It is simple, but has some small curved features that will blend nicely.

I will need to match my paint selection with my tile sample, but I at least know I am looking for something in the gray family.

I know, I know, gray is boring, but I am going to create a brush stroke pattern over top. I'd love to show you, but my mind does not have an airdrop feature like my iphone. You'll have to keep following along to see it!

This is my current bathroom mirror. It is one of my favorite things! Complete with silver leafing and acrylic this mirror is stunning.

I've also purchased this beautiful fixture to replace the current one. We are going from a boring old fixture to something a little more glamorous!

There are a few smaller details I need to decide on, but I've finally got a clear vision in my mind. I'm excited about it and I know it's going to work!

And hey, if it doesn't then I'll figure it out.

I'm so ready to get this vision out into the world and I hope you continue to follow along!

Also check out other participants in the ORC! Click the logo below to be taken to the One Room Challenge official site.

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