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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Shopping with J L Interiors

I told you I had been working on some things! It's been a little crazy all around, but I'm super excited to launch this part of J L Interiors. If you have been on the website (other than just the blog post) you may have noticed a "See the Shop" button. If you haven't then no worries, I hadn't officially launched it anyways. Today is the day though! I've been browsing through the market for the past few months looking for things that are unique and beautiful. In the blog I'm going to discuss a few things that I have put into my inventory. After that you can take-the-reins and browse other items on your own!


So first these table lamps. They may be my favorite thing. Actually they are. I bought 2 of them for myself!

If you love large lamps like I do then this is an amazing one to have. Its chunky base is about 16" wide so you'll probably want a larger end table to balance it out.

I love the contrast the white shade gives the aqua base and the gold accents are my cup-of-tea! As of now these are out of stock, but if you'd like to pre-order just send me a message!

Click here: Amara Table Lamp

These little fellas right here are absolutely adorable. These little bowls are aluminum cast with a brass finish. They work great as just a small set of three on a coffee table or multiple sets would be beautiful running down a rectangular table. You can add candles (like the picture), small botanicals, or leave them empty. Whatever way they are styled they are adorable!

Click Here: Brynn Brass Bowls

You can't go wrong with candle holders. These make great additions to table tops or shelves. They can be placed directly on the surface or on a tray.

They are made of terracotta and finished with a gray glaze. The glaze can cast blue or sage depending on the lighting around it.

They are simple, yet beautiful. They work perfectly as a more subtle decor piece.

Everyone needs florals somewhere in their home. Whether they are topiaries, stems, or bouquets adding them adds a touch of nature.

These lovely floral stems are bunched together and ready to be added to a vase. Their shape makes them perfect for a bottle neck vase or to be laid out on a table top.

The bunch includes three colors, lavender, burnt orange, and wheat. Their muted colors are not over powering and pair well with multiple color schemes. I love the quality and look of these stems. They are not boring faux florals.

This tray! Ya'll. This tray is amazing. I guess I just like large decor pieces, because this is also one of my absolute favorites. It's the perfect tray for the end of a bed, the middle of a long dining table, or a large cocktail table/ottoman. It's quality is amazing, the colors have a white washed effect, and it gives a beautiful texture to any room. Add books, vases, or candle holders to top it off. I keep debating on keeping one of these, but if I continue to keep things I'll be in trouble!

Click Here: Ensley Rattan Tray

The last thing I want to show you are these beautiful little bracelets. I wanted to add some gift items to the shop so these where perfect. The beads of all of these are so smooth and feel great on your arms. They all stretch to fit and go great with multiple outfits.

I love these little bracelets!

I've shown you some of my favorite things, but there's too many for me to show them all! I'll let you browse the shop on your own. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do! Keep up with social media for more images and some videos. I'm not sure when just yet, but I'll create a video over some of these items so you can get a better look! Okay, I promise I'm done talking! Bye!

Click Here: See The Shop

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