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Room Refresh: "My Kentucky Home"

This beautiful Kentucky home is in the refresh/remodel stages. We started with the master bedroom. It was definitely time for this master suite to have an update. We started out with sage green walls, one small dresser, a queen bed, and one nightstand. After 15+ years of the same furnishings such a large room was deserving of larger, updated, furnishings.

From sage green to creamy white. This beautiful creamy white gave the walls a bright, fresh, aesthetic. Creams and taupes gave the space a more monochrome look, while shades of sage gave pops of color sprinkled through the room.

Large furnishings consisting of earthy red and brown tones coordinated perfectly with our flooring. We used a mixture of metals through the space, black hardware on the furnishings, gold/brass tones on the walls, nickel finishes in the lamps, nailhead on the chairs and door hardware. Mixed metals can bring so much definition to a space.

The bedding consists of an ultra soft, channeled, pillowcase on our standard pillows, linen like euro pillows with a burlap color, sage decorative pillows with a waffle texture, which coordinate with the striped waffle texture on our comforter, an embroidered throw pillow, and a knit, sage, blanket.

Acrylic and marble kept the room bright and elegant. The maze like legs on the spot table create an open feeling, while filling the space. A tassel throw on our chair gives a greater sense of depth to seat and various other textures keep you looking for whats next.

Using multiple finishes and textures throughout the space keeps the eye flowing and keeps the room from becoming outdated quickly. There are so many beautiful textures and finishes in this room and the space turned out so beautifully.

I hope you love this room as much as I do! Check back every other week for new updates to the blog and make sure you are following us on social media for the quickest updates on J L Interiors!

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