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Room Refresh: Eclectic Farmhouse

Welcome to this adorable sitting room featuring a fun, eclectic, farmhouse feel. There's so much to talk about with this little space! Let's start with the before photos!

This room had multiple needs, but two main factors. We needed to keep the knotty pine paneling and it needed to allow as much light as possible! This room is used as the main seating space and functions similar to a sunroom. We needed to refresh the space with minor renovations and update more cosmetic aspects. Want to hear about what we did?! Let's start the tour.

After creating a scope of work and a plan of action for the space, our first step was taking care of the fireplace. The original builder left an odd cutout/ledge on the left side. It caused a break in the flow of the space. We added brick to take away the disruption!

We wanted to brighten the space as much as possible. Since we were keeping the knotty pine painting the red brick was a great way to bring brightness and add contrast to the space! The white paint also created a focal point around this awesome stove, which is still used to warm the house. We wanted to keep some of the original brick. To keep the color consistent and add character we painted the joints on the hearth.

Time to replace the carpet! Once the fireplace was finished we were ready for new carpet to be installed. We chose a creamy white and taupe carpet featuring a beautiful herringbone pattern. The pattern elongated the space and gives the illusion of a larger room.

Our last major step was replacing the garage and kitchen doors. The previous doors were old hollow core doors. The garage door was often left open to a storm door, which allowed more light into the space. The hollow core doors were dark, boring, and just not cutting it.

We replaced them with full lite doors which opened the space up. We added a shade that could be let down when the garage needed to be covered or to be raised when light was needed.

Now that the major renovations were done we could focus on giving the rest of the room a facelift. Window treatments were a must! The previous treatments were outdated and dysfunctional.

We replaced the fabric across the doors with top-down-bottom-up cellular shades. These stunning shades secured to the bottom of the window so the shade wouldn't move during opening and closing the doors. We chose a sheer fabric that allowed light to illuminate the space even if the shades were closed.

We liked the shutter concept from the original window treatment (seen in the before photos), but we wanted something more aesthetically pleasing. We chose large, functioning, shutters in a creamy white to replace the old treatment.

Now that we tackled the natural light, we needed to update and add artificial light. The previous ceiling fan wasn't putting off enough light and was hardly used. We replaced the fan with a beautiful semi-flush fixture with a chandelier look and added stunning wall sconces for ambient lighting. We coordinated the metal on the fixtures to the stove and the shade from the semi-flush pulled softness to the ceiling.

Okay, we're on our final stage! Let's discuss furniture and decor!

I love a good neutral room, but we wanted something a little more exciting. These blue chairs contrast beautifully in the room. Brown leather ottomans pulled the warmth of the walls into the middle of the space. The abstract rug below pulled color to the floor, while creamy decor pulled brightness into the furnishings.

Lastly, the tv needed a proper home. This beautiful console provided a functional space for the tv and added storage. The light wood coordinated beautifully with our creamy whites and, since this room is all about brightness, the mirrors reflected more light into the space.

This room was such a fun small scale renovation! We turned this space into an inviting space, which welcomes anyone who enters. I love creating spaces like this, large or small, creating something beautiful for others creates an amazing feeling! Thanks for following along! I can't wait to share the next project!

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