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The House on Artisan: ORC the Artist's Garden Week 5

Spring 2021

I know. I was MIA for a week, but life happens! So the past two weeks have been a little bit of a whirl wind. We did manage to get some ORC things done and I did start my DIY living art this week.

So first! We unpacked this stunning chair!

I as originally going to create a DIY swing, but time has not been on my side. I also have another big DIY project going on and it's enough for right now.

I found this adorable chair at Target and I instantly had to have it. It was the perfect size and color. It's pretty close in color to my wall sconces! It's also super comfy!

I also found all of my other furnishings! Thankful that there is no more shopping involved... Other than a few DIY materials.

Thank target for the adorable pouf and Home Goods had these amazing tables. I will have to waterproof these. They technically are not for outside... But I have been researching some waterproofing methods and will waterproof everything this week.

We stopped by Ikea earlier today to purchase the curtains and rods! I'm so excited to get these hung. I will also be waterproofing these, since I opted for a more affordable curtain.

Our rugs came in last week! I'll give you a sneak peak of one, but I think I will leave the others as a surprise!

And lastly, the DIY living art.... It has not gone to plan. I'll include a picture below, but I was super disappointed. We put everything together and it looked great while laying down. When we stood it up we realized the backing I use was too flexible and the chicken wire wasn't tight enough. This has caused all four GIANT bags of potting soil to fall towards to bottom of the structure.

I will re-do the structure and try again this week. I have not bought the flowers for this piece yet. I really need my structure to be perfect before putting more cash into it.

I'm at least happy that we have all the furnishings and everything that is necessary to complete the project here. If my living art doesn't work it will be okay. I will definitely keep trying though!

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I also want to invite you to check out other participants in the ORC! Click the logo below to be taken to the One Room Challenge official site.

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