The House on Artisan: ORC the Artist's Garden Week 3

Updated: May 25

Spring 2021

We are heading into another week of the one room challenge! I took a non-traditional twist with this spring's ORC by re-doing my patio/landscaping instead of an actual room. It's been a ton of work, but we are slowly getting there!

I wish I did a better job at taking photos this week, but I decided to take more videos instead. So you'll have to check the videos out and I will get better photos later!

Although traditional wall sconces were okay, I just wanted something a little more modern. I had been eyeing some outdoor wall sconces for a while and finally had the chance to use them! So, here is our before picture!

Watch me install the new fixtures and find the after picture below!

I installed these beautiful fixtures on our porch and garage. I couldn't be happier with the result! I am going to talk about the bulbs I've selected and why sometime this week on my Insta stories! So make sure you follow along. For now the bulbs I used were 3000k, 10T LED Edison bulbs from Amazon by VCTC lighting.

We also got all of our plants potted (see below) and the pavers from the landscaping were hauled away! I also got all of the framing materials for my living art piece. All of the furniture is here and ready to be put up. We are now waiting on rugs and accessories to come in.

These pictures don't really show how much work was done this week, but I feel accomplished and ready to move on to next weeks goals! The landscaping should be started/finished in the next couple weeks, I'll be working on the living art next week, and there are a few more things to be done!

Make sure you follow along by keeping up with the blog and fol