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  • Take the first steps to creating a beautiful home.

    1 hr

    75 US dollars




J L Interiors handles projects as simple as updating accessories to as in depth as new construction. See our services below and take a look at our blog post "Why Hire A Designer" to learn more. 


Virtual design may be right for you if you cannot meet for face-to-face consultations. If you cannot meet for face-to-face consultations contact us and talk with us about your project. Virtual design will consist of virtual meetings (facetime, skype, zoom, whatever is best for you). Project presentations will be emailed and discussed virtually or over the phone. Find out if your project is right for a virtual presentation by contacting us to discuss your project. 



Color consultations are for those who are ready for a change, but only want help selecting paint colors. Paint colors can dramatically change a space. Professional help with paint colors can be extremely helpful, especially for those who feel like they don't have a good eye for color.


Concept design is typically a phase is most design projects. If you are clueless about what you should do with your space, but don't want a full scale design service, we can work with you to create a concept for your space. This includes a mood board, color scheme, layouts, furniture styles, etc.. for your space. Once we go over the concept you can purchase the design and move forward with it on your own. Concept designs create an over all inspiration for your space and gives you defined goal on how your space should look.  


A room refresh can be as in depth as the client wishes. We can do little things like select accessories and artwork or furnishing for your space or we can do a full scale room refresh that includes paint colors, flooring, furniture, and accessories. There are many things that you can do in a room refresh, but this does not involve any architectural features such as walls, kitchen cabinets, bathroom showers, etc.. For these things see "remodel". 



A remodel involves moving architectural features, re-doing a bathroom or kitchen, and other large scale changes. A remodel requires contractors and sub contractors.  We can help determine the best layout for the space, select finishes, and go past the remodel phase to select furnishings and accessories if the client wishes. In a remodel we are creating a totally different space.


New construction design is for those building a new home and builders who are looking to work with a designer. New construction design will discuss everything from exterior to interior finishes. We will be there from start to finish or as much as the client desires. 


With our Holiday styling we will help you get your space picture perfect for the Holidays. We can either set up the decorations you already have or we can help you find new decor that is perfect for your space. 


Design consultations are $75 per hour and payments are non-refundable. Payment for Initial consultations may be credited towards design projects consisting of 3 or more design hours. For more information and questions please contact us!

J L Interiors understands that every project is different. Let's discuss your project. If you don't see what you are looking for contact us by phone or email and let us know what you are looking for.  

We can be as involved as you desires and create beautiful spaces that reflect you. Our goal is to create spaces that are both functional and expresses your unique style.