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Interested in scheduling a consultation? 



1.) Review your space and it’s potential

2.) Clarify your Style Preferences

3.) Review your Lifestyle-Needs

4.) Introduce you to J L Interiors

​5.) ​Meet face-to-face for a designer/client chemistry check

6.) Review tips for optimizing your design time

After booking you will receive a phone call from the designer to confirm your appointment. 

Let us help you professionally design your space!


*See Design Services for more information* 

GIVE US A CALL AT 502-779-1141


J L Interiors, LLC is a Louisville, Kentucky based interior designer.  J L Interiors believes interior design, in all its forms, is the most functional form of art. We work closely with clients to create spaces that are personalized to the client's unique style and needs. 

Jordan Laws is the is owner and designer of J L Interiors. She is an experienced design professional with a Bachelors degree in interior design from Western Kentucky University. 

Jordan has recently moved back to Louisville from Bettendorf, Iowa with her husband and their three dogs. In Iowa she worked with the top design studio in the area. She helped clients with various projects including: room refreshment, remodeling, and new construction.

Jordan has a passion for helping people create beautifully thought out, unique, and functional, interiors. She has an eye for design and understands design concepts. 

With any client, no matter the project size, Jordan strives to create spaces that not only reflect the clients personality and daily functions, but also make her clients feel wonderful about their space. 

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